Roman Holidays- BB Anniversary


Aaand I’m back to my little writing journal! Ironically, today happens to be Bleu de Blonde’s one year anniversary! Crazy, right?! It’s been a year I have been bothering you guys with my bizarre posts, and having to think that last year the same person sat behind this very computer, typing up her idea on a virtual screen is absolutely unbelievable. A year filled with a whole load of travelling to the most incredible places I have visited; Russia, America, Greece, Andorra, France, Spain and Italy- those will be the memories I will never forget. Hopefully, this year will be just as great with much more to experience and explore.

As to my last post, 5 months and counting, I would like to share with you my recent discovery of the country that we should all praise for the existence of pizza, pasta and gelato ♥ Italy and its capital Rome- the home to the Vatican as well as landmark art and ancient ruins. Its every street spirited with the energy of a once most powerful empire, every house a well-known museum or a remarkable piece of art, and every individual a fashion icon. Personally, I was swayed by the power of gelato. Never thought ice-cream could taste so good! A recommendation I should make would be, San Crispino on the street of Trevi (pretty close to the fountain of Trevi), the place offers tons of flavours to choose from starting from the basics (which are not any less gorgeously delicious) to the very unusual ones like pizza and liquorice! Another place to try out would be Hedera, which is 5min walk from the Vatican City, selling its finest gelato in cannoli cones and of course the Magnum Pleasure Store placed in the centre of Rome. Seems like a perfect place for me, combing delish food and the beauty of the contrast in landscapes…

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Feels good to be back 🙂

Purchase of the day: Skort from Zara

What I am wearing:

Skort: Zara// Blouse: Zara// Slip-ons: Topshop// Earrings: Aldo// Sunglasses: Zara// Denim jacket: Mango





Flying to Rome



Gelato at San Crispino




Touring around Rome in the Red Bus



Hedera- Cannoli cones ♥


Creamy Lace


Good day everyone! It is the 1st of July already… The time has hustled by right before our eyes! Before we know it, August will be right over. So what are we waiting for?! Fulfil all of your summer desires and take pleasure from every moment- in style 😉 As for me, I can’t wait to head off to Russia in just one week! First, I plan to breathe the air of Moscow city for a couple of days and at last set to my home town. Hence, before my departure I wanted to stroll down the town in my creamy lace dress and my brand new gold slip-ons from Baggatt. It’s all about the lace, what can possibly be more beautiful and fragile? Lace, lace, lace. Such a delicate and elegant material that wraps the skin with every of its thread. Especially when it comes to white on tanned skin there isn’t a more eccentric combination!Relaxing at a coffee shop with hot waffles and vanilla ice cream may be just right on a hot summer day… So what are your plans for the month?

Всем добрый день! Уже 1 июля… Как быстро пролетело время! Прежде, чем мы это поймём, август будет прямо здесь. Так чего же мы ждем?! Надо выполнить все летние желаний и получать удовольствие от каждого момента- в стиле 😉 Что касается меня, я не могу дождаться чтобы отправиться в Россию, всего через неделю! Во-первых, я планирую в течение нескольких дней вздохнуть воздухом Москвы и, наконец, в мой родной город. Поэтому, перед моим отъездом я хотела прогуляться по городу в моем кремовом кружевном платье и в мойх новых золотых слип-онах из Baggatt. Это все о кружеве, что может быть более красиво и хрупко? Кружева, кружева, кружева. Такой тонкий и элегантный материал, заворачивая кожу каждей ее нити. Особенно, когда дело доходит до белого на загорелой коже нет более эксцентричного сочетания! Расслабиться в кафе с горячей вафлей и ванильным мороженым как раз для жаркого летнего дня … Так какие у вас планы на месяц?

Purchase of the day: Gold Slip-ons from Baggatt 🙂

What I am wearing:

Dress: Juicy Couture// Necklace & ring: Accessorize// Shoes: Baggatt// Phone case: Chanel// Nail polish: OPI, Sally Hansen- Fuzzy Coat